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‘Condomology report’ answers why India is low on condoms usage

New Delhi | To harness youth and ensure their health and well-being, Condom Alliance – a shared value collective of condom market players and other stakeholders to improve the well-being of young people in India, launched India’s first ever Condomology report. Condomology stands for Consumer Condom Psychology and aptly describes the context and focus of […]

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Online dating: More women look for emotional attachment than men

New Delhi |Β When it comes to online dating, 73 per cent of women prioritise emotional attachment in comparison to 55 per cent of men, said a new report. Overall, the majority of the users are looking for emotional attachment than physical connection which means people are moving beyond casual dating and looking for an emotional […]

Risky sexual behaviour rising despite pandemic lockdowns: Study

London:Β The Covid-19 pandemic, despite lockdown and social distancing norms, did not inhibit risky sexual behaviours and researchers found that acute sexually transmitted infections (STIs) actually spiked during the lockdown period, along with increasing the risk of SARS-CoV-2 virus contagion. The research, conducted in two main STI centres in Milan, Italy, found that despite the lockdown […]