BJP risks 4 seats in UP in face of SP-BSP challenge

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New Delhi:  Out of the 10 seats that went to the polls in Uttar Pradesh in the third phase of Lok Sabha elections on Tuesday, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) runs the risk of losing four of its own seats and may not be able to wrest three from the Samajwadi Party (SP) if the voting patterns of 2014 are replicated this time.

Out of the 10 seats, the BJP had won seven while three went to the SP as these were strongholds of Mulayam Singh Yadav’s clan.

If the votes polled by the SP and the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) in 2014 are added (as the two parties this time is contesting in alliance), the BJP seems to have an uphill task in at least four of the seven seats it had won last time.

Even the Congress contesting outside the alliance will not make it easy for the BJP because of the poll arithmetic.

The four seats where BJP appears to be facing tough challenge include Rampur, Sambhal, Moradabad and Aonia.

In Rampur, Neepal Singh had beaten SP, BSP and the Congress in 2014 and got 3,58,616 votes. His nearest rival Naseer Ahmad Khan of the SP got 3,35,181 votes and the BSP’s Akbar Hussain got 81,006 votes.

If BSP and SP votes are added, they surpass the votes polled by the BJP by a fair amount despite the fact that Nawab Kazim Ali Khan of the Congress had got 1,56,466 votes.

This time, all the three parties have tried new candidates. BJP has fielded former SP MP Jaya Prada from Rampur who is facing Azam Khan of the Mahagathbandhan and Sanjay Kapoor of the Congress.

The story is similar in Sambhal, where Satyapal Singh of the BJP had polled 3,60,242 votes and won by a narrow margin. SP’s Shafiq-ur-Rahman Baraq came second with 3,65,068 votes while Aqeel-ur-Rehman Khan of the BSP polled 2,52,640 votes.

The BJP has replaced Satyapal Singh by Parameshvar Lal Saini this time. The Congress has fielded Major Jagat Pal Singh and Shafiq-ur-Rahman Barq is back as the Mahagathbandhan candidate.

In Moradabad, Kunwer Sarvesh Kumar of the BJP had polled 4,85,224 votes and beaten S.T. Hasan of the SP who got 3,97,720 votes. But Haji Md Yaqoob of the BSP also piled up 1,60,945 votes while Begum Noor Bano urf Mehtab got only 19,732 votes.

This time, BJP and SP have re-nominated Sarvesh Kumar and S.T. Hasan, respectively.

BJP’s Dharmendra Kumar had won the Aonia seat by getting 4,09,907 votes. But Kunwar Sarvraj Singh of the SP polled 2,71,478 and the BSP’s Sunita Shakya got 1,90,200 votes. Together, they polled much more than the BJP.

On other seats like Pilibhit, Bareilly and Etah, a combined strength of SP and BSP was not good enough to beat the BJP.

The other seats — Mainpuri, Firozabad and Badaun — saw SP trouncing its opponents. The three seats are Mulayam Singh Yadav’s family bastions.

The break-up

Aonia 2014

Dharmendra Kumar (BJP): 40,9907
Saleem Iqbal Shervani (INC): 93,061
Kunwar Sarvraj Singh (SP): 26,478
Sunita Shakya (BSP): 1,90,200

Contestants in 2019

Dharmendra Kashyap (BJP)
Kunwar Sarwaraj Singh (UPA)
Ruchi Veera (MGB)
Sunil Kumar (Shivpal Yadav’s Progressive Democratic Alliance)

Pilibhit 2014

Maneka Gandhi (BJP): 5,46,934
Anis Ahmad Khan alias Phool Babu (BSP): 1,96,294
Budhsen Verma (SP): 2,39,882

Contestants in 2019

Varun Gandhi (BJP)
Surendra Kumar Gupta (UPA)
Hemraj Verma (MGB)
Mohd. Hanif (PDA)

Bareilly 2014

Santosh Gangwar (BJP): 5,18,258
Ayesha Islam (SP): 2,77,573
Umesh Gautam (BSP): 1,06,049

Contestants in 2019

Santosh Kumar Gangwar (BJP)
Praveen Singh Aaron (UPA)
Bhagwat Saran Gangwar (MGB)
Samar Tahir (PDA)

Mainpuri 2014

Mulayam Singh Yadav (SP): 5,95,918
Shatrugha Singh (BJP): 2,31,252
Dr Sanghamitra Maurya (BSP): 1,42,833

Contestants in 2019

Prem Singh Shakya (BJP)
Mulayam Singh Yadav (SP)
PDA, UPA did not field candidate

Firozabad in 2014

Akshay Yadav (SP): 5,34,583
Atul Chaturvedi (INC): 7,447
Th. Vishwadeep Singh (BSP): 2,28,909
S.P. Singh Baghel (BJP): 4,20,524

Candidates in 2019

Chandra Sen Jadon (BJP)
UPA — No candidate
Akshay Yadav (SP)
Shivpal Singh Yadav (PDA)

Etah 2014

Ku. Devendra Singh Yadav (SP): 2,73,977
Noor Mohammad Khan (BSP): 1,37,127
Rajveer Singh (Raju Bhaiya) (BJP): 4,74,978

Contestants in 2019

Rajveer Singh (BJP)
Suraj Singh (UPA)
Kunwar Devendra Singh Yadav (SP)
Rashmi Yadav (PDA)

Badaun in 2014

Akmal Khan urf Chaman (BSP): 1,56,973
Dharmendra Yadav (SP): 4,98,378
Vagish Pathak (BJP): 3,32,031

Contestants in 2019

Sanghmitra Maurya (BJP)
Saleem Iqbal Sherwani (UPA)
Dharmendra Yadav (MGB)
PDA — No candidate

Rampur in 2014

Neepal Singh (BJP): 3,58,616
Naseer Ahmad Khan (SP): 3,35,181
Akbar Husain (BSP): 81,006
Nawab Kazim Ali Khan (INC): 1,56,466

Contestants in 2019

Jaya Prada (BJP)
Sanjay Kapoor (UPA)
Azam Khan (MGB)
PDA — No candidate

Sambhal 2014

Aqeel-ur-Rehman Khan (BSP): 2,52,640
Acharya Pramod Krishnam (INC): 16,034
Shafiq-ur-Rahman Barq (SP): 3,55,068
Satyapal Singh (BJP): 3,60,242

Contestants in 2019

Parmeshwar Lal Saini (BJP)
Major Jagat Pal Singh (UPA)
Dr. Shafiq-ur-rehman Barq (MGB)
Karan Singh Yadav (PDA)

Moradabad 2014

Begum Noor Bano (INC): 19,732
Haji Mod. Yaqoob (BSP): 1,60,945
Kunwer Sarvesh Kumar (BJP): 4,85,224
Dr. ST Hasan (SP): 2,97,720

Contestants in 2019

Kunwer Sarvesh Kumar (BJP)
Imran Pratapgarhi (INC)
S.T Hasan (MGB)
Nadir Ali Mansoori (PDA)

Published on: Apr 23, 2019 at 22:16 IST


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