BJP is ‘Lie Hard’ – Rahul takes pot shot a la Hollywood

Congress President Rahul Gandhi (File Photo/IANS)

New Delhi, Dec 23 (IANS) If the BJP were to start a film franchise it would be called “Lie Hard”, Congress President Rahul Gandhi said on Saturday, tweaking the name of popular American action series “Die Hard” – in a dig at the ruling party, a day after he described its foundation as based on an “architecture of lies”.

“If (the) BJP had a film franchise, it would be called ‘Lie Hard’,” Gandhi tweeted, with hashtags #BJPLieHard #BJPLies #HowManyBJPLies.

The sarcastic remarks came a day after Gandhi chaired his first meeting of the Congress Working Committee (CWC) meeting as party President, in which he roundly slammed the BJP.

“The entire foundation of the BJP is based on lies. The whole architecture of the BJP is about lies.. Their model is to come up with a lie, spread that lie, and just keep repeating that lie until people believe the lie,” he said.

Gandhi’s remarks come in the wake of the 2G spectrum allocation case court verdict on Thursday and the Adarsh Society case order passed by the Bombay High Court on Friday.