Bigg Boss 13: Shehnaz Gill hits Sidharth Shukla

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Mumbai: “Bigg Boss 13” contestants Shehnaz Gill and Sidharth Shuklas relationship has hit a rough patch, and seems to be getting ugliery day by day. Now, the singer will be seen getting aggressively violent with the actor.

“I hate you,” is what Shehnaz tells Sidharth while fighting with him in a new promo released by the channel.

The week started with Sidharth calling off his “special friendship” with Shehnaz. Sidharth refused to keep any relation with the singer, questioning her loyalty with him and her family. Shehnaz started talking with Asim Riaz, she got support from him, Vishal Aaditya Singh and Rashami Desai.

In the upcoming episode – as hinted in the promo clip, Shehnaz will be playing from Asim’s side in the captaincy task – irking Sidharth, who will call her a “flipper”.

She even warns him to stop talking rubbish about her, but Sidharth doesn’t stop. The singer then gets aggressive and gets hold of his collar, pushes him and hits him.

The duo has been possessive about each other in the show, and fans have been loving it. Now, however, it seems like things have soured between them.

Sidharth was recently seen refusing to talk to Shehnaz, thereby leaving her in tears. She was trying to understand what went wrong but Sidharth did not give an explanation. He simply told Shehnaz that he cannot be friends with someone who is not on good terms with her family.

In fact, Shehnaz, in another episode, said #SidNaz “kharab ho gaya hai”.

Is it really the end of “SidNaz”?


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