Bhopal: Woman’s body found in bathroom, suspect husband missing

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Bhopal | The body of a woman has been found in the bathroom of a house in the state capital Bhopal and according to the police she was reportedly murdered three days ago allegedly by her husband.

The woman’s husband has been missing since the incident. It is suspected that the husband may have killed his wife which the police is investigating. According to information received, a complaint was filed with the police after the couple’s neighbours found a foul smell emanating from their house at Ganpati Homes in Ayodhya Nagar.

The main suspect Prashant Patel lived with his wife Rakhi Patel along with their son and daughter in the house. The police broke open the lock of the house and found the body of a woman lying in the bathroom. The deceased was identified as Rakhi Patel.

The couple’s neighbours have told the police that Prashant and Rakhi had a fight three days ago and since then their house had been locked. Prashant went to Gairatganj with his two children and left them at their grandparents’ house. His phone is reportedly switched off. The couple had a love marriage 12 years ago.


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