Ashley Graham likes walking naked at home

Los Angeles : American model Ashley Graham says one of the ways she and her husband Justin Ervin keep the spark alive in their marriage is by walking around their home without any clothes on.

“We like to walk around the house naked together. It keeps things fresh,” Graham told the New York Post newspaper.

The model has recently joined forces with Marina Rinaldi Denim to launch a new plus-size jeans line, reports

She said she was determined to design some “inclusive” pieces.

“Our sizes run up to 22. I wanted to create something that’s inclusive for all women.”

Graham said she considers herself to be a “special case”, and that unlike a majority of people, she feels more comfortable being naked than when she is fully clothed.

She said: “Not every woman is like this, not every model is like this, but I’m a special case in that I would walk around butt-naked if I could, because it’s just more comfortable for me. My mom said growing up that I was like a nudist and just walked around the house butt-naked all the time.”