Another woman alleges sexual misconduct against socialite Suhel Seth

Suhel Seth (File Photo/Twitter)

Another woman has come forward and accused socialite Suhel Seth of sexual misconduct. The woman took to Twitter on Thursday to reveal her ordeal.

Ishita Yadav who was with Indian Express earlier wrote on Twitter, “In 2009, when I was 24, Suhel Seth added me on Facebook and started messaging me. I don’t remember how the conversation started but at some point he asked me to come over to his house for a drink. I hadn’t heard of his predatory behaviour at the time, so I didn’t think much of it.”

She further wrote, “But then he started messaging me things like – “you will not get your car, I will have you picked up from your house and dropped back”, “have a bath and brush your teeth before you come over”, etc and it became clear I obviously wasn’t being called over for a conversation.”

“I texted a close friend to tell him this and he told me to not go, so I ending up not going & blocked Seth on Facebook. I have told of this account to many friends, all of whom had a Suhel Seth story of him either being sleazy with them, or with someone they knew”, she added.

She said, “It’s pretty much an open secret, and yet, we see him being invited to literature festivals, to panel discussions on news channels, and it is well known that he is close to a lot of powerful people in the media industry.”

Some of Ishita’s tweets are –

On Wednesday, Natashja Rathore a film director and creative producer had posted screenshots of her ordeal on Twitter. She had also accused Suhel of harassing and molesting her. “I am not doing this for publicity. I am not doing this for Money. I am not doing this to malign a person. I am doing this solely to empower other women to directly confront the perpetrator. It’s hard – But it’s about time. This is my #MeToo message to Suhel Seth.”

Natashja had gone on to allege that Seth tried to molest her by shoving his ‘tongue’ in her ‘throat.’

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