ABVP and left groups clash at JNU, varsity admin warns of strict action

New Delhi | Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) administration on Friday warned to take strict action against those students responsible for clashes between two groups after some students were injured in a clash following disagreement over appointment of election committee members.

The incident took place on Thursday night between the members of Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) and Left-backed groups, reportedly after disagreements over the appointment of election committee members at the School of Languages. The altercation grew uncontrollable and led to the clash.

The student outfits blamed each other for the violence at the campus.

Police have received three medico-legal case reports of students, Anwesha Rai, Shaurya and Madhurima, regarding the injuries from Safdarjung hospital.


Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Rohit Meena said: "PCR calls were received at around 1:15 a.m. regarding a scuffle between students at GBM in JNU. Multiple complaints have been received in this regard and the allegations are being verified."

A video circulating on social media platform X depicts a person hitting others with a stick, while another video shows someone hurling a bicycle at them.

Other videos from the scene purportedly display individuals being attacked by a group, despite efforts by university security personnel to intervene and stop them.

Meanwhile, ABVP in a statement said that a disturbing incident unfolded within the premises of JNU, involving a group of individuals led by the self-proclaimed JNUSU president, Aishe Ghosh, along with Danish Ali and Swati Singh, among others.

“The group launched a vicious attack on students affiliated with the Bachelors and Masters programs at the School of Language, Literature and Cultural Studies. The assailants, reportedly associated with Ghosh and her cohorts, unleashed a wave of violence against the students, demonstrating an appalling disregard for human safety and dignity. Shockingly, even physically handicapped students were not spared from the brutality inflicted upon them,” it said.


“The assault on students of the School of Language, Literature and Cultural Studies represents a grave violation of the principles of education, tolerance, and human decency. As the JNU community grapples with the aftermath of this reprehensible act, it is imperative that justice be served and measures be implemented to safeguard the welfare of all members within the academic fraternity,” it added.

In a statement, student outfit AISA, said that the last day of the GBM at the School of Languages witnessed another round of violence by ABVP.

“Initially attempting to disrupt the selection process for the election committee, the ABVP resorted to physical violence against students when thwarted by JNU students. Accompanied by Kanhaiya Kumar (M.A. Japanese) the ringleader of the SL unit, the ABVP members were seen wielding rods and targeting and beating common students indiscriminately,” AISA claimed.

AISA said that for the entire day they kept on disrupting the process of the GBM.


“They singled out the Muslim students and opposed whenever any Muslim student proposed their names for the upcoming election committee. They also vitiated the atmosphere of school GBM premises by threatening students, by sexist and casteist slurs,” AISA said.

It said that Praful (M.A. Korean) from the same school was seen picking up a bicycle and tossing it towards the students gathered for the GBM. The despicable sight of Priyanshu, a student supposedly at the center of German studies, brazenly joined ABVP to physically assault a fellow student is utterly infuriating and reprehensible.

“The senior students, such as Shaurya, a Ph.D. scholar, and Madhurima Kundu, a Ph.D. scholar and a senior AISA activist were chased and beaten up by ABVP. They also targeted Priyam and Anwesha, (M.A. Linguistics) and beat her up with iron rods. This is the state of the atmosphere in the new VC's administration. The VC Shantishree Dhulipudi Pandit led administration must provide an answer as to why ABVP members roam freely, targeting the JNU students,” said AISA.

“The VC office must acknowledge this act of vandalism and violence by the ABVP, whose faces are clearly visible and are seen in the videos circulating online,” it added.


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