Photo : Twitter@The Nobel Prize

Nobel Prize for Medicine goes to cancer researchers from US, Japan

Stockholm : James Allison of the US and Tasuku Honjo of Japan have jointly won the Nobel Prize in Medicine on Monday for developing a pioneering therapeutic approach for cancer treatment. The pair “revolutionised cancer treatment,” showing how our immune system can be effectively engaged in the fight against tumour cells. The treatment that the […]

Japan launches world’s smallest rocket

Bengaluru: In what has been described as “a fantastic achievement”, Japan successfully launched a satellite on Saturday using the worlds lightest rocket Outsmarting nations trying to develop cheaper light-weight rockets to cash in on the booming market for micro-satellites. The SS-520 rocket, about the size of a lamp post and 50 centimeters in diameter, lifted […]

US to sell missiles worth over $133 mn to Japan

Washington, Jan 10 : The US has approved the sale of missiles worth $133.3 million to Japan, saying it will serve to reinforce the Asian country’s defence against the ballistic missile threat from North Korea. The consignment, which must still be approved by the US Congress, includes the sales of four missiles for the SM-3 […]