It is no more Yes Bank, it is No Bank now: Depositors

Chennai: With its automatic teller machines (ATM) not operational and withdrawals from other bank ATMs blocked, account holders of Yes Bank are waiting at the branches with tense faces here.

The branch officials though explaining with patience to the customers that the non performing assets (NPA) has put the Yes Bank in financial difficulties, the response is one of anguish, disbilief and pain.

“It is no more Yes Bank. It is No Bank,” said a customer at the Raja Annamalaipuram Branch on Friday.

Inside the branch, customers were waiting with tokens for their turn to withdraw money and those who came in the evening were asked to come on Saturday for withdrawing money.

“It was a shock for me when a friend of mine woke me up in the afternoon and told me about the Yes Bank issue. I have a Savings Bank Account with the bank and have to withdraw cash to pay for my child’s schoolfees,” G.S.Balaji, an Electronics Engineer told IANS.

“I will be moving all my deposits to Indian Bank. I have accounts with two other private banks,” he added.

Another person on condition of anonymity told IANS that his employer has account only with Yes Bank and how they are going to manage with a withdrawal ceiling of Rs 50,000 till April is not known.

“I have one account with Yes Bank opened long back. I do my banking with State Bank of India (SBI). I came here to check about the status. Soon I will close this account and transfer the balance to SBI,” another account holder of Yes Bank told IANS preferring anonymity.

According to another bank customer, he has faith in the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and the central government.

A branch official told IANS that customers have to come to the branch to withdraw money as ATMs are not functional.


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