India saw 15% spike with 2,138 weekly cyberattacks per organisation in 2023: Report


New Delhi |  India has recorded a spike of 15 per cent in cyberattacks within APAC (Asia-Pacific), with 2,138 weekly attacks per organisation in 2023, a new report revealed on Friday.

According to the cybersecurity company Check Point Research (CPR), India emerged as the second most targeted nation, trailing only behind Taiwan’s 3,050 incidents.

APAC led with the highest average number of weekly attacks, with an average of 1,930 attacks per organisation, a 3 per cent increase compared to 2022.

Globally, organisations experienced an average of 1,158 weekly cyber attacks each last year.

“This represents a one per cent increase in cyber-attacks compared to 2022, and keeping the significant increase seen from previous years, signalling a continuous and worrying trend in the digital threat landscape,” the researchers said.

The education or research sector experienced a notable 12 per cent decrease in attacks globally, although has still remained on top of the list with the highest volume of cyberattacks.

In contrast, there was a 22 per cent increase in the retail and wholesale sectors, indicating a change in attacker focus. The healthcare sector witnessed a three per cent increase in attacks, according to the report.

“In 2023, the landscape of ransomware underwent a significant upheaval, marked by a major surge in both conventional ransomware and the more formidable mega-ransomware. This unsettling trend was underscored by the alarming prevalence of zero-day exploits,” the researchers stated.


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