Delhi accident case: New CCTV footage shows Nidhi returning home at 1.36 a.m.

Image via IANS

New Delhi | A new CCTV footage that has surfaced shows Nidhi, the friend of Anjali who died after being dragged under the car for 12 kms in Delhi, returning home around 1.30 a.m.

In the CCTV footage doing rounds on social media, Nidhi can be seen reaching her house around 1.37 a.m and entering the gate, however, it has a time gap of about 45 minutes proving that Nidhi reached home at around 2.30 a.m.

In the CCTV camera installed a few meters away from her home, Nidhi can be seen knocking at her house door. She could be seen walking probably in tension in front of the gate.

The CCTV footage also confirmed that her house was near the spot, where the accident occurred.

Her statement was also recorded in presence of the magistrate on Tuesday.

Earlier, the CCTV footage outside the Oyo Hotel was also recovered by the police where the victim and Nidhi were seen arguing around 1:30 a.m. before the incident.

“We were coming home after the party. She was a bit drunk, I had asked her to hand over the scooty’s key to me but she wanted to drive. We were arguing on who will drive the scooty,” Nidhi had said.

Anjali died in the early hours of Tuesday after her scooty was hit by the car and was dragged for several kms under the Baleno car on the city’s roads.

According to the footage, the victim was wearing a pink-coloured T-shirt and her friend a red one.

The footage comes after the police traced the route which the victim had travelled.


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