Ayesha Takia reveals being a victim of workplace bullying

File Photo/Facebook

File Photo/Facebook

Mumbai: Actress Ayesha Takia has revealed being a victim of trolling and workplace bullying during her stint in Bollywood. Posting her experience on Instagram, she also offered advice to those who currently experience similar plight.

“Having personally been through many incidents of trolling and workplace bullying…I wish to spread the word about this and I want you to speak up please if someone is making you feel less, small or worthless. Please know that you are incredible and unique. You are meant to be here and fight for what you deserve. You are bright and different, you must not let them win,” wrote Ayesha on Instagram.


“Pls speak to someone. Reach out. Keep a diary or talk online about anyone pulling you down, don’t take s**t! I know this is easier to say than do but you have to, you need to, you will find some one to listen. We need this world to be a kind place for our future generations and for their sake we must make sure that love and kindness lead the way. Pls be nice to people, be kind and sensitive because you have no idea how fragile or what hardship someone is going through,” she added.

Commenting on Ayesha’s post, singer Aaman Trikha wrote: “So massively true and bang on Ayesha. You are a sweetheart.”

“Thanks Ayesha, this is the need of the hour. As many of us are suffering from this without even knowing about it and losing their self-confidence,” shared a user.

“Couldn’t agree with you more,” expressed another user.

Fans also requested the former actress to make a comeback.



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