4 in 10 Indians want ban on tobacco, PUBG: Study

New Delhi: Amid the controversy over restrictions on the popular mobile game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) in Gujarat, a new study has found that about 40 per cent of Indians want a complete ban on cigarettes, marijuana, e-cigarettes, violent video games and online betting. While 68 per cent respondents endorsed social media use in moderation, 62 […]

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Bacteria in placenta responsible for preterm births: Study

London : Scientists have found a higher number of pathogenic bacteria in placentas from women who delivered prematurely, supporting the presumption that maternal infection may cause preterm birth — less than 37 weeks gestation. Contradicting general belief, traces of the bacteria were found in healthy placentas as well. These bacteria have been previously reported as […]

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Chimps sleep on cleaner beds than humans: Study

New York :  If you think humans sleep on cleaner beds than other species, think again. According to a study, chimpanzees, our closest evolutionary relatives, keep their sleeping arrangements tidier than us. The finding showed that human being’s sheets and mattresses harboured far more bacteria from their bodies than the animals’ beds did from their […]