Turmeric active principle can aid in cancer cell death: IITM

Chennai: The Indian Institute of Technology, Madras (IITM) on Monday said its researchers have shown that the active principle from turmeric and curcumin can enhance cancer cell death caused by a protein called ‘TNF-Related Apoptosis-Inducing Ligand’ (TRAIL). In a statement issued here IITM said there have been considerable efforts in developing therapeutic agents that trigger […]

IIT-M official caught filming student in toilet

Chennai: In a shocking incident, an IIT-M official was caught while making a video clip of a women’s washroom on his cell phone while a Ph.D student was inside, police said on Thursday. Indian Institute of Technology-Madras Project Officer Subham Banerjee, posted in the Aerospace Department, was caught on Wednesday when the woman student espied […]